We need to talk about healing…

Is it time to reclaim your personal authority and autonomy?


Have you ever had that aggravating tightness in your neck that makes it hard to turn your head or the lump in your throat that makes it hard to swallow?


In this situation, I look to the throat center. What is your truth? Do you know it? Can you speak it? Energy can get stuck there when you have something to say, but you haven’t been able to say it.


There’s so much I’ve had to share over the years, and until recently, I’d appease myself by sharing personally with clients, family, and friends. And the chronic neck issues and headaches would plague me from time to time.


Realizing in 2020 that I’ve lived with C-PTSD for decades, I can see now all the ways I couldn’t even admit my truth, let alone share it. No wonder I had issues in that area.


The truth is, I’ve been a wellness practitioner since 1999 and tend to discover new methods, practices, and healing modalities years or decades before they become popular. It’s lonely to be the weird one talking about all these strange things before they are accepted and mainstream. I remember being a new massage therapist in a conservative area half of the clients at the chiropractor’s office I worked at believed I was a witch. The other half wouldn’t consider a session unless their insurance paid for it. 


Now, I can honestly say that I vibe with a lot of witchy practices, but back then, I was as mainstream as a massage therapist could be. We’ve come so far in some ways, yet society seems so backward in others. 


I spent nearly two years immersed in my own trauma healing and emerged in April with a new skill set. (Of course, part of my process was training for nine months to become a somatic, trauma-informed practitioner.) I also found a new awareness, acceptance of my truth, and a greater sense of embodied safety than I’ve ever experienced in my adult life.


Now when I talk about my work, share on social media or show up to lead groups, I don’t feel that lump in my throat, the nervous clenching in my gut, controlling rigidity in my shoulders, or uncomfortable lower back pain. I don’t feel afraid anymore. The not-good-enough, what-will-people-think thoughts have left my mind.


Now I’m ready to talk, share, connect and serve in new ways.

And with this desire, the Healing (R)evolution was born. This movement is beginning the only way it honestly can. Imperfect, messy, and evolving with a vision and desire to connect, heal and grow within each of us individually and in community. My Virgo self needs to act before it’s perfect because otherwise, it won’t happen. I have a vision of opportunity and expansion and am beginning simply with a newsletter and podcast.


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Check out the new healing (r)evolution!

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Healing Revolution

I’m here to talk about the things that matter and to hear from like-minded folks who want the same.

I want to have deeper conversations about healing.

I want to question wtf we are doing and how we can do it better.

I want to talk with humans about the messy, real-life journey of growth and healing.

I want to talk to practitioners and learn more about their process, challenges, and the magic they offer the world with their gifts.

I want to help you connect with and speak your truth, discover and show up for your purpose in the world (whatever that might be).

I want to help you listen to, love, and honor your body. Your truth lives in your body, plus it’s your souls current home. It’s kind of important.

Long story short, I’m here to play, explore, grow and connect, and I’m thrilled you’re here with me. Welcome to the adventure. I can’t wait to see what happens next.

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