Seasonal Specials

Nourishing Offerings to Guide You Through The Winter

Embrace the season of rest, healing, and restoration with community, guidance, support, and intention. These offerings help you anchor into daily connection with self, monthly gatherings for healing & nourishment, and a special day retreat to start your year!

*please note – some special pricing and the bundle is only available through 12/5 but these services and offerings will carry through the entire winter season*

Fill Yourself First, Then Share the Abundance

We gather Mondays at 6:30 pm EST on zoom to listen to your soul, move with the wisdom of your body, process life, get support, and attune your energy with your desires, supported by meditative sound healing. 

Put Yourself Back on Your To-do List

Move beyond the traditional schedule-keeping, habit-tracking, and to-do lists with Everyday Alchemy – a daily practice journal that helps you infuse intention & inspiration into brief everyday moments. 

Let's be real....

Winter can be hard. Growing up in California, the adjustment to winter in the midwest has brought loads of angst and frustration.  Not only do I miss the warmer weather (and outdoor activities), the freedom to jump in my car and go (without investing 15 minutes to scrape the car), and the SUNLIGHT (up north we’re looking at dusk around 4-5 pm). It’s taken years of deliberate intention to learn to appreciate this season.

Winter also brings a lot of emotional baggage. In Traditional Chinese Medicine, winter corresponds to the water element and the feelings of grief or sadness. Ancestrally, fear for the survival of individuals, families, and communities was a powerful theme that we still feel in our bones, even if it’s not conscious.  

The darkness corresponds to the inner world, the emotions, the feminine, and the dreamtime. Emotional darkness, family challenges, loss, and pain can all feel more acute this time of year.

I believe the challenges of winter also present potent invitations for rest and healing. Living seasonally, I now commit my winters to a balance of tender self-care and community-centered service. If this is a hard time for you, I invite you to join one of the offerings above.