Soul Work

Healing is your soul work. Guiding you on your journey is mine.

The answers you seek live within you

A lifetime of stress, trauma, and societal conditioning can cloud your inner wisdom. Deep down some part of you knows what it wants and needs, you just need to listen. My magic is helping you decipher this knowing while honoring all parts of you. 


I believe: 

  • Deep wisdom lives in the body, yet this body truth is often ignored. 
  • Your story-making mind overrides your intuition to maintain safety and control.
  • You can understand and allow emotions, without being overwhelmed by them.
  • A daily practice to listen to the whispers of your soul can change your whole life.
  • Boundaries help you keep showing up in your relationships, with integrity.
  • Practicing receiving creates new energy and vitality, allowing you to give more.
  • Healing provides relief, but the FREEDOM it creates will transform your life.


Imagine trusting and loving yourself unapologetically, expressing your truth with integrity.


You can have better relationships, grow your business, expand your reach and live your purpose, creating more abundance personally and professionally. 

Choose a Session to Get Started:


Let's chat! In this free session, you'll share your needs and desires, and I'll share what it's like to work together. Let's see if we're a great fit!
Discovery Session


A 75 Minute multi-dimensional healing experience, to explore the value and potential of this work for you.
Explore Session

Deep Dive

A 2 hr Solo Retreat to dive deep into issues you don't have the time, space or support to address day-to-day.
Deep Dive Session

Your Session...

I’ve been a wellness professional and educator since 1999, and have decades of healing experiences, wellness training, and certifications to draw from to support each session.
Our work together is an intuitively guided blend of practices, coaching,  supportive resources, and practices to address your needs and priorities that will include some of the modalities listed below.

Modalities I use...

  • Sound Healing with Crystal Singing Bowls
  • Somatic, Nervous System, Trauma-Informed Healing
  • Wellness & Life Coaching
  • Business & Leadership Coaching
  • Massage & Bodywork
  • Qoya, Posture, Dance & Embodied Movement
  • Soul Work & Spirituality
  • Seasonal & Moon Cycles
  • Earth Alchemy
  • Energy Work
  • Bowenwork
  • Human Design
  • Journaling

Chart Your Course

To get where you want to go, we may look to the past and present to understand how to best move forward. What parts of your life are the most challenging? Where do you feel stuck, stressed, or suffering? What do you want instead?


Questions like these inform our work together. Most clients have an intention when they get started, but it’s not required. Together we’ll create a roadmap to guide our journey and move you in the direction of your desires. Are you ready?