Soul Frequency Circle

Tuesday Nov 1, 7:00-9:00pm

Tune into the wisdom of your soul in this powerful and supportive space. Imagine communing with your highest self and getting messages of loving support, for the healing and well-being of all. We’ll do a group sound and energy clearing and then together, we’ll open the Akashic Records, ask questions as a group and share insights we’ve received. It’s a powerful way to connect with your higher self, your guidance and show up in community. So much juicy wisdom comes through as the individual readings tend to support the group as a whole. The Akashic Records are the energetic library of your soul’s past, present, and future. Each session is potent and unique, as the energies are always changing and the group questions vary. Most sessions happen near the new moon, to work with these intuitive, healing, and life-changing energies.


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147 Diamond Ave SE Suite #208 Grand Rapids, MI 49505



Erica Jones

Coach, Healer, Retreat Leader


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