Transform Pain
Lion’s Gate: Embodied Earth Alchemy

August 8, 6:30pm - 8:00pm

The lion’s gate portal is an amplified energy of high summer, driving us towards manifestation and energetic expansion. August is leo season and the date 8/8 is sacred in numerology. Join us as we alchemize this fire energy with our intentions and fuel our desires. We’ll call on the support of the earth, her elements and our bodies to move through this portal with intention and power. Following the movement practice, we’ll transition into an immersive sound healing, where you can sit or lay on the floor and settle into stillness and rest. The movement practice may include techniques inspired by Qoya, Dance, Yoga, Bioenergetics, Somatic Experiencing, Postural work or Moving Meditation. The movement will help you release held tension and stress, along with chaotic thoughts and emotions, allowing you to more easily access a deeper sense of stillness and relaxation during the sound healing. All of this will be anchored in Earth-based healing practices. Experience movement, music and meditation as medicine.


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147 Diamond Ave SE Suite #208 Grand Rapids, MI 49505




Erica Jones

Coach, Healer, Retreat Leader


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