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It’s Time for a Healing Revolution

In a World where Stressed, Sick, and Suffering are Normal;
Rest, Play, and Ease are Revolutionary

I’ve seen the beauty and brokenness of the healing world. It’s time for a change. These days, it seems image matters more than substance, services are more valuable than sovereignty, and shame overshadows authenticity.

Instead of looking out there for answers, your best wisdom and guidance for your unique journey can be found within you. I’m here to help people connect with their inner wisdom, so they can find their own answers, empowering their sovereign healing journey. 

Cmm mths that urt  idividually ad cllectively

  • You are broken and need fixing – You are already whole, worthy, and complete just as you are. Desiring change doesn’t mean you’re broken. Improvement doesn’t fix you.
  • The professional knows what’s best – No amount of expertise trumps your lived experience. Your wisdom, choice, and sovereignty should guide your healing.
  • You must find the answers out there – You can spend your whole life looking out there for the next practice, tool, therapy, or teacher. Your best answers live within.
  • The blame & shame game – Practitioners blame clients for not reaching their goals and people blame themselves for failing. Shame doesn’t create healing.
  • Give more, do more, be more – Stress and pressure are leading causes of health challenges. Pushing yourself to do more perpetuates the pain. Rest more, do less.
  • There’s one solution or destination – True healing is multidimensional, addressing the mind, body, and soul. Life will always present new opportunities to heal and grow.  

We’ve all absorbed so many unhelpful ideas and beliefs about what is possible for us. It can be incredibly challenging to unpack our limitations when we’re looking from our own perspective. We need new voices and ideas that show us a new way — ones that can reflect the beautiful truth of how we’re living when our own minds are tormenting us. Perspectives that bring hope and inspiration instead of hopelessness, depression, and dread. In this process — support is key. This can come from reading uplifting books, learning from new teachers, being a part of a supportive community or collective, or working individually with a coach or guide. 

Support guides you like a ligh in the darkness

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