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All sessions are available by appointment only. I’d love to answer any questions you have and chat about potential events, speaking engagements, or aligned collaborations you might have in mind.

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The Experience

I curate potent healing experiences in my East Hills studio in Grand Rapids, MI and in the heart of the computer, on Zoom.

You can also find me facilitating gatherings at restorative venues in my community, online, and out in the world.

Need Support?

Where are you on your healing journey? Are you clear on your challenges and know what support you need (but you’re not taking action?) *Resistance is common, and may keep your nervous system feeling “safe”.

Are you stuck, suffering, or struggling to move forward, while honoring your needs and desires but you don’t know where to start? *Most people are here.

I don’t have a set of prescriptive solutions. I’ll help you connect with your inner wisdom and we’ll use that as an anchor and guide to map your journey.