I'm Erica Jones

My Story

Let’s be honest, from the outside life seems great. You’ve achieved more than you thought possible. You have amazing relationships with incredible humans, you passionately support community causes, and you’re doing your best for your family. You swallow down your own challenges to show up for others. No one knows when you’re struggling. It’s not simply a matter of making time for rest or self-care. You feel soul-tired. Keeping up can be physically and emotionally exhausting. I can relate. This has been my story too.

My Journey

Since becoming a wellness educator and massage therapist in 1999, I’ve been obsessively exploring growth and healing. My own challenges have always informed and guided my work. Everything I share with clients, I’ve first experienced myself. 

I first pursued massage and other body-based modalities to help with stress, injuries, and chronic pain. Life and business coaching, mindset work, and mindfulness helped me get a grip while balancing entrepreneurship and early motherhood, bringing more peace and stability to my heart, mind, and professional life.

Sound healing helped me settle into meditation and connect with the whispers of my soul. Emotional awareness, somatic processing, embodied movement, and breathwork helped me heal trauma, find balance, and discover a greater love for myself, as I am. 

I’ve healed through debilitating injuries, chronic pain, divorce, trauma (C-PTSD), motherhood, relationships, business ownership and so much more. Through healing, I’ve found a greater sense of joy and freedom than I could ever imagine. This is possible for you too.

Healing changes you at the cellular level and will transform your relationship with yourself, others, and the world. It also opens the door to growth, transformation, and evolution in every area of your life.

Healing my own trauma was the most important work I’ve ever done to help me feel safe sharing the crazy, cool work I do in a bigger way. 

More About Me

I’m a human design manifesting generator so I want to know everything. About everything. The seemingly random rabbit-holes I live to explore, always add meaning or value. I’m a Four Tendencies Rebel and an Enneagram 2w1, so I have a huge heart to serve, but I’ll do it my own way.

I live in the intersection between science and spirituality, with a practical, evidence-based approach blending 23 years of professional training and experience.

I’ve worked with elite athletes, CEOs, directors of nonprofits, and community leaders in my studio, in clinics, at the Olympic Training Center, and in 4-star spas and resorts around the country.

Gratitude & Reviews

I’m constantly inspired by my amazing clients –  dynamic, heart-centered humans who are committed to their own healing and to serving the world in their unique way.

“Thank you Erica for bringing the vision of opening my concert with a stunning sound bath to life. You offered such a gift to that room. “

Jamie Dionne

Singer and Songwriter

“I’m still floating from yesterday. The focus I’ve had today – the clarity – the motivation. And just the CALM I don’t remember the last time I felt.”

Alicia Shumaker

Owner at Flamingo Consulting

“Working with Erica has been so soothing and supportive. Her guidance in helping clear energy and stress was deeply loving.”

Jody Low-A-Chee

Life Coach

Do You Need An Integrative Approach?

True healing is multidimensional. Without tending to all our parts and listening to the innate wisdom of mind, body, heart, and spirit, growth and healing are elusive.

Your Inner Compass is the tool we use to guide your journey.

Together, we’ll tune into your wisdom and energy centers. This method connects you to the wisdom of your mind, body, heart, spirit, and energy. You’ll learn to honor each, without allowing only one to decide your path or control your experience.

My process infuses somatic movement, sound healing, meditation, breathwork, bodywork, intuitive coaching, sacred ceremonies, and soul-aligned strategy. This intuitive, multidimensional approach informs the services, classes, workshops, and seasonal retreats I offer for community, group, and individual healing. 

True healing eluded me until I honored the wisdom of all my parts.

Do you know when to listen to the worrying, critical voice in your head or when to soothe your ego and honor your fears to reclaim a sense of safety? Do you get swept up in your emotions or do you know how to process and move through them?  Can you discern the truth of your body or hear the whispers of your intuition?

My background as a massage therapist, health educator, sound healer, somatic practitioner, trauma-informed life and business coach, podcast host, author, and retreat leader has helped me develop my evolutionary approach to growth and healing.

I Believe

Hyper-independence, over-achieving, and over-giving are trauma responses that keep us in a cycle of suffering. This shows up mentally, emotionally, physically in our lives and relationships.

Feeling better and addressing pain and challenges are the first steps. Then you can alchemize that pain into purpose, pleasure, and power.

Integration is key to process and apply the shifts you’ve made, create real change in your life, and transform the world around you.

Want To Chat?

Clients call me the goddess of understanding. My superpower is the keen ability to translate the wonders of the world, the wisdom of the body, and the whispers of the soul into actionable, aligned steps toward a life of passion and purpose.