Journey of a Healer

I Believe...

  • In a world where sick, stressed and suffering is the standard,
    rest, play, joy, peace, and healing are revolutionary.
  • True healing is multidimensional. Without tending to all our parts and listening to the innate wisdom of mind, body, heart, and spirit, growth and healing are elusive.
  • Hyper-independence, over-achieving, and over-giving are trauma responses that keep us in a cycle of suffering. This shows up mentally, emotionally, physically in our lives and relationships.
  • Feeling better and addressing pain points is the first step. We can alchemize that pain into purpose, pleasure, and power.
  • Integrate that magic and you can change your life and transform the world around you.
  • I’m here to explore and share how to live the best life possible.

My bio

I have more than two decades of wellness experience. I have worked in 4-star spas in Florida and Colorado, for 5 years at the Olympic Training Center, and for 15 years as a business owner. 

I have loads of certifications and training including the following Certifications: Massage Therapist & Health Educator, Clinical Nutritionist & Herbal Medicine Practitioner, Bowenwork Practitioner, Sound Alchemist, Muscle Balance & Function Development, Integrative Life & Wellness Coach, Leadership Coach, and in-depth training in Somatic Healing, Trauma-Informed Nervous System Regulation, Qoya and so much more. 

Hi, I’m Erica

I’m a healer, coach, and retreat leader and I’ve been on this journey since 1999. I believe each of us has a wise, wild and well self, hidden under a lifetime of stress, suffering and societal conditioning. 

My work is alchemy, guided by the wisdom of body and soul. Each magical session is a distillation of intuitively chosen healing techniques and tools. Bodywork, movement, meditation, sound healing and coaching are some of the elements I use to help you transform your ordinary experience into something extraordinary.

A Healer is Someone Who...

“Is actively engaged in, is committing resources towards and is participating in community around their own healing.

Creates safe containers for other people to facilitate their own healing process.


A Healing Presence…

Contributes to facilitating healing, repair, and growth. 

Shows up in their full, grounded, embodied humanity while being connected to a larger container. 

Values connection over modality.” 


– Fanny Priest @the.trauma.witch

The healer in me honors and sees the healer in you

From the outside, I’m a mom of four, a spouse, a friend, a business owner, a healer, a space-holder, a helper (Enneagram 2w1), an encourager, and an adventurer.


I’m also a tea-drinking dreamer, a barefoot, nature-loving explorer and I feel most grounded and connected when I’m in the water.


As a child, I needed to be a good student, a good girl, to behave, to fit in. My little Virgo self became the shy perfectionist and over-achiever.

More about me...

I tried so hard to shrink my Amazon self who always felt too big, too strong, too much in every way.


Healing my inner child has changed that. Sharing about her is how you can know my most authentic self. She loves to splash in the waves like a mermaid, adventure on our paddle ship, wander in the woods and discover new life in the dirt of my garden. She loves to laugh and play with my girls.


My inner child is also a storyteller, an avid reader, and a dramatic and passionate writer who wants to talk with anyone who will listen (including mountains, rivers, animals, flowers, and trees). 


It took me so long to recognize, value, and share the vulnerable parts of me. Trauma and shame do that. 


I teach others to heal and embrace all their parts, nourish themselves deeply and live a more vibrant, abundant and joyful life. 
Even if you feel stuck, in pain, or suffering healing and freedom are possible for you too!
Work With Me

I lost myself during the struggle of early motherhood in the years of sleep deprivation, impossible expectations, and self-sacrifice. I was a burned-out mother and martyr. This identity required me to endlessly give, yet it felt impossible to trust, relax or receive.


Eventually, I crashed and the choice to heal my chronic pain, debilitating headaches, autoimmune issues, and C-PTSD was no longer optional.


My healing process taught me that the more I allow myself to receive, the more I have to give. I’m free to be me, without needing to prove myself or justify my choices. Self-sacrifice isn’t how I want to live or operate in the world. I give to myself first and pour into my family, clients, community, and the world from the overflow.


Now my goal in my own healing journey is to create more freedom and explore how to live the best life possible since I no longer live in suffering.

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