Is it time to…

come home to yourself?

Hi, I’m Erica Jones

I Believe Restoration & Healing Requires us to STOP OVERGIVING!

As a healer, author, mentor, mystic, and coach for leaders, healers, and change-makers I see heart-centered folks giving all of their time, energy, and attention to their families, clients, and communities – without remembering to give to themselves.

In order to give to yourself, you also have to be open to receive.
No matter how much you DO, if you can’t receive you’re going to end up drained – physically, energetically, emotionally, spiritually. Yet, receiving often feels deeply uncomfortable. How does it feel to receive a compliment? Or a gift? Social conditioning, feeling selfish, not feeling worthy, not wanting to feel obligated to give even more… makes us avoid receiving. But we keep on giving, even when it hurts.

We’re doing it backwards ya’ll.
In order to give more, we must receive more.

Think about breathing. You can’t thrive by only exhaling. You can’t exhale huge, long, deep breaths with only sips of air coming in. You must practice inhaling longer and receiving MORE oxygen to GIVE more C02. Reciprocity is the breath of life.

To manifest your dreams, nourish your well-being, and feel deserving of the love, joy, pleasure, connection, and opportunities that you long for – YOU MUST PRACTICE RECEIVING.


Your Life. Your Family. Your Relationships. Your Business. Your Community. Our World.

Stop Overgiving

Reverse the flow and practice receiving in Rewire to Receive – 100 Days to Embrace, Embody, and Expand Your Capacity to Enjoy this Beautiful Life. We begin on August 8th, 2023.

Nourish Well-Being

Qoya-Inspired Movement, Energy & Sound Healing, and Breathwork are featured in my healing workshops, retreats, and collaborative experiences offered in person and on Zoom.

Restore Wholeness

Personal healing and coaching sessions are multidimensional in nature to restore well-being, discover your purpose, expand your impact, and map your journey forward.

When each person is nourished, living their truth, & thriving, we can co-create a world where we can all thrive.


To Support Your Journey

Life As Alchemy

We have the power to liberate ourselves from the oppressive culture, systems, and narratives that are harming us. I strive to do my part in co-creating a new world and creating resources to help us reclaim sovereignty, restore wholeness, and learn to thrive while healing individually and collectively.

Rewire to Receive

Are you tired of overgiving and ready to receive more? Do you want to manifest your heart’s desires but struggle to receive a compliment? It’s not enough to magnetize what you want, you must work with your brain, body, energy, and nervous system in order to receive it.

Healing Revolution

I believe we need to approach healing (plus, growth, transformation, and life in general) in a new way. The way healers hold space and do business is evolving too. The Healing Revolution Newsletter and Podcast began as a manifesto and is becoming a collaborative space for clients and healers alike.

A Daily Practice Journal to Make Your Ordinary Life, Extraordinary

everyday alchemy

Awaken. Nourish. Amplify. Everyday Alchemy’s newsletter and podcast help make your ordinary life, extraordinary.

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