ive e ur imittis

ou can create rofound well-eing, eyond what you thin is ossible.

The answers aren't out there.
It's time to look ithin and ask our ier isdo to elp you find them.


then consider...

  • What are your deepest desires?
  • Do you have intentions or goals in place to bring your desires to life?
  • Do you truly believe this change is possible?
  • Are you committed to pursuing your desires?

An Extraordinary Life

  • Change requires clarity on your desires, belief that you can achieve them, and expecting it will happen for you.
  • Become magnetic by resonating with your vision and taking aligned action. 
  • Old wounds and limiting beliefs can keep you stuck in a spiral – stressed and suffering.
  • Healing allows you to break through those limitations and create a life you truly love.

Life Alchemy

My clients are wildly successful in some areas of life — and suffering, deeply unsatisfied in others. My approach is to find relief from the pain, peace amidst the stress, and explore ways to thrive in every area — making your ordinary life, extraordinary.


Come home to yourself and release the beliefs and blocks that keep you stressed and suffering. Renew your sense of peace, purpose, and power, and live with more vitality and joy. 


Experience the healing potential of community when you gather for workshops, retreats, and classes. Online and in-person events to heal, grow, and transform.

Read & Listen

The Healing Revolution Newsletter and Podcast are on substack. I share conversations, practices, and inspiration plus actionable tips for growth, healing, and transformation.

Growth, ealing, and elution are your sul’s wrk. Guiing oter is ine.

My Mission

I’m Erica Jones, a Transformational Coach, Multidimensional Healer, Musician, Author, and Mystic. I help high-achieving leaders come home to their wise, wild, and well-selves, hidden under a lifetime of stress, suffering, and societal conditioning.  

My mission is to help others alchemize their pain, reconcile their trauma, and reclaim their sovereignty, becoming empowered to heal themselves. In this process, my clients discover what it means to thrive while expanding their impact in their communities and the world.

I use an evolutionary approach to growth and healing, anchored in their embodied wisdom — the Inner Compass.

I love curating impactful healing experiences, informed by my background as a massage therapist, health educator, sound healer, somatic practitioner, trauma-informed life and business coach, podcast host, author, and retreat leader. 

When I’m not healing, speaking, or coaching I love communing with nature, swimming with my four mermaids, and wandering the trails with my dog. 


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Probleatic mths & beliefs eep us from ealing.

heart, 3d, stone-1463424.jpg

You are broken and need fixing

You are already whole, worthy, and complete just as you are. Desiring change doesn’t mean you’re broken. 

training, coaching, board-5646499.jpg

The professional knows best

No amount of expertise trumps your lived experience. Your wisdom, choice, and sovereignty should guide your healing.

concept, document, focus-18290.jpg

The answers are out there to find

You can spend your whole life looking for the next practice, tool, therapy, or teacher to help you. Your best answers live within.

girl, time, time pressure-2786277.jpg

The blame & shame game

Practitioners blame clients for not reaching their goals and people blame themselves for failing. Shame isn’t helpful or healing.

woman, sleepy, bed-6093239.jpg

Give more, do more, be more

Stress causes physical and mental dis-ease. Pushing yourself to do more can perpetuate the problem. Rest more, do less.

stairs, spiral staircase, rise-8443.jpg

There's one solution or destination

Every person is unique. What works for others may not help you. Healing should address every level – mind, body, and soul. 

I can  elp ou coect ith our isdom to guie you forard