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Come home to your wise, well, and wild self

the Healing Revolution

In a world where sick, stressed and suffering is standard, investing your time, energy, or resources in rest, joy, and healing is revolutionary.

Let’s be honest, on the outside, your life seems great. You’ve achieved so much, you have amazing people in your life, you’re involved in community, doing your best for your family, and showing up when and where you’re needed. No one knows when you’re struggling. It’s not simply a matter of making the time for rest or self-care (that’s tough too). You feel soul-tired. Keeping up is physically and emotionally exhausting.

Healing transforms your relationship with yourself, others, and the world. Healing mind, body, and spirit impacts every cell of your body, how you think and what you feel every day.


Look Within

Focus on your most challenging issues, get support to improve in mind, body and spirit.


Improve Your Life

Enhance your well-being, discover new strategies, practices and techniques to live the best life possible!


Growth & Evolution

Release limitations, awaken purpose & power - expanding as a leader or healer.

Let's Begin

Exploring your growth, healing and transformation is your soul work. 

Guiding others on their journey is mine. Are you ready to connect more deeply to yourself, release blocks, limitations, and heaviness, making space for more peace, love, and vitality?

Hi, I'm Erica

I’m a nature-loving, mama of four mermaids

I’m also obsessed with exploring new paths to growth, healing, and transformation. I’ve been a wellness practitioner since 1999. I’m a human design manifesting generator so I want to know everything. About everything. I’m a Four Tendencies Rebel and an Enneagram 2w1, so I have a huge heart to serve, but I’ll do it my own way. Healing my own trauma means I now feel safe sharing the crazy, cool work I do. 


I’ve healed through debilitating injuries, chronic pain, divorce, trauma (C-PTSD), motherhood, relationships, business ownership and so much more. Through healing, I’ve found a greater sense of joy and freedom than I could imagine. This is possible for you too. 

Everything I teach my clients, I’ve done myself

My own challenges have informed and guided my work. I found massage and other body-based modalities to help with stress, injuries, and chronic pain. Mindfulness, somatic healing, life, and business coaching helped me find peace and stability in my heart, mind, and professional life. Guiding everything is my soul’s yearning for purpose and meaning which led me to discover a vast world of spiritual practices and energy healing. 

Explore My Other Offerings

I work with clients individually, in group workshops, retreats, courses, and programs online and in person. Check out my upcoming events, explore online meditations, and get info on my upcoming journal below.


Gather and heal in community


Listen to sound healing meditations


Coming Soon!

Love from Clients

Invest in Yourself
“Erica is the ultimate healer and coach. After our last session I feel refreshed, recharged, clear and focused! Erica has played an instrumental role in my life, healing, recovery, and growth over the past 4 years with my chronic back issues, injuries, divorce, job changes, mental health - all of it. Invest in your self (care) or gift this to a friend who is having a tough time, you will not regret it."
Allison M Founder, Urban Girl GR
Unexpected Miracles
"I have never met anyone who connected so precisely on what i needed. I was not expecting a miracle...but I got exactly that. Erica's knowledge, wisdom, ability to translate little bits of information into one coherent picture, is simply inimitable. Erica is magical and I cannot thank her enough for being a part of my healing."
Anna S Owner, Anna Sky Beauty